SMT sensor Hpj-E21 for SMT placement machine

SMT Sensor hpj-E21 for SMT Pick and Place MachinePlace of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland), China Brand Name: SMT SwitchModel Number: EHPJ-E21quality:workableport: shenzhen warranty: 8 months certification: AISI packaging details: foam + carton MOQ: 1 piece packing: cleaningcondition:newOther sen

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SMT Sensor hpj-E21 for SMT Pick and Place Machine

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland), China 
Brand Name: SMT Switch
Model Number: EHPJ-E21
port: shenzhen 
warranty: 8 months 
certification: AISI 
packaging details: foam + carton 
MOQ: 1 piece 
packing: cleaning
SMT Sensor Hpj-E21 for SMT Pick and Place Machine
SMT Sensor Hpj-E21 for SMT Pick and Place Machine

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SMT Sensor Hpj-E21 for SMT Pick and Place Machine

Packaging details
Foam + carton
1. Carton Size : 18mm * 10mm * 10mm 
2. Carton Size: 21mm *17mm* 17mm 
3. Carton Size: 40mm*20mm*25mm 
4. Customized size

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SAMSUNGSM320 / CP45 NEO NOZZLECN030 / 040 / 065 / 140 / 220
 SMT Sensor Hpj-E21 for SMT Pick and Place Machine

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SMT Sensor Hpj-E21 for SMT Pick and Place Machine

 Our company deals in the following products:
1.SMT equipment and accessories: nozzles, feeder, feeder parts, cutter, filter, guide, tape, mortor, belt, cylinder, smt grease/lubricant, sensor ,SMT nozzle cleaning machine, etc. 
2. Nozzles & feeders for fuji, for Juki, for Yamaha, for Samsung, for Siemens, CM602, CM402...have large stock.  
3. We sell and recycle used SMT machine
4.Nozzle cleaning machine, solder paste mixer, SMD component counter, PCB cuting machine.
SMT Sensor Hpj-E21 for SMT Pick and Place Machine
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