Torch IGBT placement machine price T8

Product Description Pick and Place Machine Price T81. What is T8? The homophonic of T8 is Post Hegemony. It is the real" Patch Overlord" in SMT industry in the future.2. T8 is also the eighth mounting products of TERMWAY with model T8.3. T8 is a landmark product in the mediu

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Product Description

Pick and Place Machine Price T8
1. What is T8? The homophonic of T8 is Post Hegemony. It is the real" Patch Overlord" in SMT industry in the future.
2. T8 is also the eighth mounting products of TERMWAY with model T8.
3. T8 is a landmark product in the medium-speed pick and place machine.
4. The min mounting component is 01005.
5. The max mounting size: 120mm*90mm components (Optional)
6. T8 can mount up to 104 kinds of components at most. (only 8mm)
7. It can place at most 4 IC trays.
8. Through the modular design, it can easily go upstairs by the elevator without smashing the bricks and windows.

Function Introduction

1. With super high precision moving platform technology which is made by integrated design of Natural granite. Make sure T8 can get to use for more than10 years without any effect on moving precision. Meanwhile, integrated structure ensures a very excellent function in shock resistance.

2. World-class top speed motion systems: Import European original magnetic levitation high-precision
Linear motors and encoders, to minimize mechanical wear and ensure X-axis with high-precision and
High-speed performance for long-term use. High-speed performance reach 4M / S.

3. The patented technology of non-stop scanning and keep taking photos to make high-speed placement
Come true. Maximum vision mounting speeds up to 28000CPH and the actual placement speeds up to 15000CPH

4. Configured with SMART feeder which is the real electric intelligent feeder. The machine can
Automatically recognize feeder wherever it comes, make sure the plug and play, save the programming time of picking components. Probe contactless smart feeders can make you
More easy to loading and unloading the component.

5. Industry leading vision system: Taking advantage of Germany industrial digital cameras and high quality lenses, make sure the highquality and high accuracy.

6. Intelligent board transmission system can automatically adjust the width and plywood. Complete
Your automated intelligent production.

7. Configurable stick feeder, IC tray and special components bulk trays can meet your all kinds
Of specific needs.

8. Multi-mount head can be installed seamless, and easy to change according to different requirements. Can be equipped with multi-functional mount head( Model: TH62), High speed mount head(Model: TH61) and high speed multi-functional mount head (Model: TH64)
1Mounter head8 heads
2Mount area
50mm×50mm~350mm×350mm(Once Plate feeding)
50mm×50mm~1200mm×350mm(Multiple Plate feeding)
3Z axis max move range30mm
4Typical speed15000CPH
5Theoretical Max mount speed22000CPH
6Moving System
X axis moving coil motor + linear encoder
Y axis servo motor drive + ball screw + linear encoder
7X.Y axis precision±0.001mm
8Repeat Precision±0.015mm
9Position mannerVisional position
10Component availableMinimum 01005-38*38*8.5mm
(48*48 Optional)
11Programme methodAutomatic data input/Video learning/Keyboard input
12Type of componentMAX 104 pcs GFTA-08S feeder +4 pcs IC
13Feeder NO.1.MAX 104 pcs of GFTA-08S feeder;
2.Single group adjustable feeder,MAX 90 pcs GFTA-08S feeder;
3.Double group adjustable feeder,MAX76 pcs GFTA-08S feeder;
4.3 pcs IC tray,MAX 78 pcs GFTA-08S feeder;
5.4 pcs IC tray,MAX 52 pcs GFTA-08S feeder;
6.Single group adjustable feeder,3 pcs IC tray,MAX64 pcs GFTA-08S feeder;
14IC tray NO.The Maximum Number 4pcs
15Operation systemWINDOWS XP
16Compressed air 80psi(0.5Mpa,gas flue 80L/M
18Weight1692 kg

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